How to Rent our Military Vehicles

Are your vehicles authentic, or reproductions?

With the exception of our HUMVEE, at the moment all of our vehicles are authentic ex-military vehicles which were originally owned by either the U.S. or foreign military forces.  In the past we have owned reproduction vehicles including a Japaneese tank and a German motorcycle. Many times they are great for movie work, and we will probably own others in the future.

We're filming out-of-state, so how would you transport your vehicles do my location?

Our trucks can move smaller vehicles including our jeeps, FAV, weapons carrier, ambulance, 1.5 ton Chevy dump truck, and HUMVEE, although many times it is more economical for the production company to contract an 18-wheeler and move two or three vehicles on a single load.

Do you provide the insurance for your vehicles?

Insurance must be provided by the production company prior to loading.

What are the prices for leasing/renting your vehicles for film production?

The film business is so diverse that prices are sometimes based on what a particular military vehicle must do, how long it must be on set, etc. Once we determine what your specific production needs are, we can quote you a turnkey price.

We have a very tight film production budget ... do you offer any ``value`` packages?

We offer reduced prices on any group of vehicles you might need.  Also reduced daily rates for lany shoot longer than 3 days.

Is there a time limit on how long we can use your vehicles?

There is no limit to the length of time used, but keep in mind we do not leave vehicles on set without our driver/mechanics present and on salary so it is best to hire us for just long enough to get the required shots. I believe our longest shoot so far was just over 30 days.

What if we don't see a vehicle we're needing in your fleet ... can you help us locate one?

We have an excellent network of resources for locating vehicles.  Among others, we have located and arranged the lease on a Sherman Tank for a G.I. Joe toy commercial, a WW I vintage 75 mm. howitzer for SECOND HAND LIONS and additional HUMVEES for a number of film productions. We will be happy to utilize those resources once you communicate any special vehicle or weaponry needs that you require for your movie or television production.

If we don't have anyone to operate these vehicles (such as a tank), do you offer that service?

Any vehicle we provide will be operated by one of our own drivers.  If the shot requires that your actor actually be filmed operating the vehicle, we will train that actor in the proper operation of the vehicle for specific scenes.  We’ve taught Snoop Dogg to drive a weapons carrier (in Miracle At St. Anna) and Jamie Mann to drive a duece-and-a-half (in Warbirds).

What happens if we run into mechanical trouble on the set?

We are dealing with vehicles as much as 70 years old so there is always this possibility.  To date, no vehicle of ours has ever delayed the shooting of a scene due to a mechanical failure.  This does not mean they have always run perfectly, but our mechanics have always been able to make repairs in a very timely fashion without delay. It is recommended, when possible, that action scenes be shot first.  That way if there is a breakdown the vehicle can still be available to stage your static and close-up shots.

There's several vehicles we are interested in using that come close to what we need but aren't quite right. Can those be modified?

Most vehicles will require some modification for any given role. Typically, these changes are simple, such as changing bumper numbers or unit markings, or adding or removing weaponry. But, for more complex alterations, we do have a fully-equipped Vismod shop on-site at our facility. For MIRACLE AT ST. ANNA, we designed and built a special troop seat arrangement, modified and installed a machinegun mount and added numerous other modifications to a WC-51 in order to create a vehicle capable of seating the number of actors required for specific scenes. Communicate your needs to us and we’ll start offering solutions.

What form of payment do you accept?

Payment by check is fine.  One-third of the total is due upon contract signing or deal memo, with one-third due upon arrival of our vehicle(s) to your set, and the remaining third is due upon completion of the last scene involving our vehicle(s).

Is there a leasing contract involved, and if so, do you provide that contract?

Because film production projects are so diverse, we do not have a standard contract. Instead, we rely on the production company to provide their own contract, if needed.

We have a very short scene that requires one of your vehicles. Any way we can film on-site at your location and save transport costs?

Yes, we do offer this.  Quite a number of independent and low-budget projects have been filmed on our property, which eliminated transportation costs.  We have 35 acres featuring wooded and open areas, two creeks, ponds, roads, and buildings.  We have provided our property in the portrayal of a guerilla base camp in Central America, a French road at night for a Red Ball Express convoy, an army supply depot, and other stagings.  The interior in one of our main buildings became the Area 51 warehouse for one film project, and also Patton’s Headquarters just prior to his siege on Bastogne.  Less than ten miles from our facility is access to several hundred acres of sand and gravel pit.  We’ve shot a Roswell UFO film and the French Foreign Legion episode of History Channel’s Weaponology.

How quick can we get delivery to our film location?

Obviously, the more time you can give us, the better. However, unless modifications are needed, most of our vehicles can be ready to load within 24 hours of less.  In fact, we have loaded and transported in as little as 3 hours.

Do you have historical knowledge to help advise us on appropriate vehicle choices?

I’ve been in this business since 1995. I have worked as a military advisor and armorer on several films, produced a number of military documentaries in addition to serving as an officer with US army tank and artillery units. I also have an ongoing relationship with specialists on various military vehicles and military historians.