Military Vehicle Leasing – Our Fleet

Ferret Armored Vehicle

Affordable armored military vehicle alternative. Rubber tired, weighs only approx. 4 tons but is fully armored with a rotating turret and .30 caliber machine gun. First produced for the British Army in the early 1950s and saw service through the Gulf War and also in Ireland and Africa. Still in service with many foreign governments. Used to portray everything from British and German WW II armored cars to futuristic vehicles.

Universal Soldier: The Return
Harold & Kumar
Escape from Dino Island

M5A4 High-Speed Tractor

This military vehicle is also known as artillery tractor. Built during WW II to tow the 155 mm and 8″ howitzers. Modified for the Korean War with changes to their ammunition storage boxes (as seen here).  Ours weighs 13 tons and is over 8 ft. wide, so transport cost is a consideration.  This vehicle is 100% correct for any Korean War or Cold War scene and 90% correct for WW II.

Chenowith “Hellfire” Fast Attack Vehicle (FAV)

Introduced in the 1970s as a Special Operations Vehicle, this FAV is based on the Chenowith sand rail dune buggy. It can mount a variety of weapons systems ranging from a .50 cal machine gun to Dragon missile. This military vehicle is still in use today and saw service during the Gulf War, numerous other combat operations as well as foreign countries.

1943 Dodge Weapons Carrier WC-51

This vintage military vehicle served as the workhorse truck of World War II and Korea, highly versatile and performing many jobs.

Pearl Harbor
Wonderful World
Miracle at St. Anna
Harold & Kumar
I Saw the Light

1986 Humvee M998

Replica built on a Chevrolet Suburban power train and modified chassis. Doors are removable, slant-back cargo shell is removable to configure a 4-man military vehicle with pickup bed. A.50 cal. machine gun is mountable in this configuration.  Ours is 95% accurate, less expensive to lease and more dependable than the real thing.

Olympus Has Fallen
My Generation
Area 51
Boys of Abu Ghraib

XM161 Muttvee

Less than a dozen of these were built in the 1970s but never entered US military service.  It is basically an M151 jeep with tandem axles and a Humvee-type body.  Great for portraying foreign, futuristic or fantasy vehicles.  Mounts various weapons systems.

1945 CCKW (Cargo Truck)

The CCKW is the original “Deuce and a Half”, a 2-1/2 ton cargo truck. This vintage military vehicle saw heavy service in both WW II and the Korean War, and provided the foundation for the Red Ball Express that kept the Allies supplied after the Normandy Invasion. Our 1-ton trailer is available. but we don’t offer a canvas at this time.

War Birds
Miracle at St. Anna
I Saw the Light

WWI Harley Davidson Military Motorcycle

This is a reproduction bike built from a board track racer kit and other parts

M35A2 1971 “Deuce and a Half”

Dubbed the “Deuce and a Half” from its predecessor, the 2½-ton World War II GMC CCKW. 

1942 Willys “Slat Grill” Jeep

The iconic military vehicle. An early model built in 1941 and early 1942 with welded “slat” grill.  Otherwise identical of later model WW II Jeeps.  Would be correct for Pearl Harbor and early Pacific War or British Army North Africa.

1941 Dodge 1/2 Ton Command Car

Correct for early and pre-WWII with pre-war unit markings and paint.  Accessories include officers dining set, maps, field table and chairs, etc.

1942 Ford GPW World War II Jeep

Classic WW II, early Cold War and Korean War Jeep.  Can mount .30 cal and .50 cal machine guns.

Vietnam-Era Jeep

The last model Jeep before the Humvee entered service.  This one is fitted out as a gun jeep.  Can mount various weapons systems.

M35A2 1971 “Deuce and a Half”

This is a 1971 M35A2 2½ ton “Duece-and-a-half”.

1941 Chevrolet G506 Dump Truck

One of the few trucks which would be correct for Pearl Harbor film production scenes.  Used extensively by all branches of the U.S. military throughout WW II. After the war many wound up in civilian hands and working for construction companies well into the 1960s. This one is painted and marked for the WW II Navy Seabees (construction battalions). Would be correct for any Navy setting in WW II, Korean War or early Cold War

Royal Enfield Ensign Bicycle circle 1942

Used by British regular army and British Home Guard Units as well as civilians throughout WW II and 1950s.  Almost identical to bicycles used by Japanese Army.  This model remained virtually unchanged from the 1920s.