Heavy Weaponry for Rent


Probably the only one in private hands.  His is a  German WWII 20mm anti-aircraft gun which fires off propane and oxygen and the proper rate. It is primarily a reproduction with some original parts.  Tows behind light vehicles such as the Kubelwagon.

81mm Mortar

WW II era mortar complete with all accessories. Ammo, fire direction center, maps etc.  Can be muzzle loaded to simulate fire.

US Browning .50 caliber Machine Gun

MA2 “MA Deuce” in service from beginning of WWII through current day. We have three  – one is a propane/ oxygen gun, one is a highly-detailed display piece and the third is a good background dummy.  All can be ground mounted on tripods or vehicle mounted.

Vickers .303 British Water-Cooled Heavy Machine Gun

Served from WWI thru Vietnam with British and Commonwealth forces. We had this one converted to propane/oxygen fir for the movie Second Hand Lions.

Browning .30 caliber M1917 Water-Cooled Machine Gun

First used by US forces in World War I, it continued in service until the 1960s. Fires off propane/oxygen. Can be ground or vehicle mounted.

Browning .30 caliber M1919 Machine Gun

Air cooled WWII era machine gun that continued in service thru most of Cold War.  Fires off propane/oxygen. Primary weapon on our Ferret scout car but can also be ground or vehicle mounted.

British Bren Light Machine Gun

Entered service after WWI, continued thru Vietnam. Used by British and Commonwealth forces as well as French Foreign Legion and many others.  Fires off propane/oxygen.


Squad automatic weapon (SAW) – current issue with US forces.  This is a dummy gun.

RPG-7 and RPG-2

No terrorist should be without one. These are both non-firing weapons.  RPG-7 was brought back from Afghanistan and used in the movie Long Road Home.

Long Road Home

Artillery Simulator

This is a light artillery piece built from a tank gun simulator which fires off propane and oxygen,  creating about 90% of the noise and flash of a 90 mm main battle tank gun (very, very loud).  It most closely resembles a WW II German recoiless rifle but also looks like numerous other howitzers and anti-tank guns. We also have the appropriate fire direction center and forward observation equipment  Pulls behind jeep or larger vehicles.  Can repaint as needed.


We also have LAW, ELRAC, 3.5” Super bazooka plus a large selection small arms props from submachine guns to pistols.

Dragon Missile

Long range wire-guided missile currently in service with US forces.  These are deactivated, non-firing models, one is complete with tracker. Fire can be simulated using Estes type rockets.